I have no idea what I’m doing. Not yet at least, and that’s exciting.

Right now I’m at the beginning of my journey into the wonderful world of programming, and quite frankly sometimes it feels like I’m learning an alien language. It looks a bit like it too, but it sure is fascinating. Even though the syntax can be overwhelming, the thought process behind it all feels… right.

Hi, I’m Toria, Content Marketing Executive here at Paymentshield. Marketers and Developers seem to me sometimes to be on the opposite end of the same cog, but it’s surprising how much the thinking behind everything has in common.

When I first considered learning to code, I had the classic misconception that the most important thing would be to learn how to write riddles to make cool things happen. And whilst that’s most definitely a major part of it, it’s actually far more important to think the right way.

That’s right, it’s all about logical thinking. Now you, reader, might already know that. But when I first realised it, it was like a lightbulb went off and I could see past the shadows. Of course I don’t know much about how to code yet, but you know what I can do? Solve puzzles, riddles, brain teasers. Those things are fun. They’re also important.

It turns out I’m in the perfect place to learn all about software development, too.

Coming into Paymentshield, I knew there’d be an IT team. Every office has one, usually for office-based tech support. What I didn’t realise is that there’d be a quarter of the office dedicated to tech; that almost everything you see is developed or maintained in house, and that there are experts around every techy corner.

We have three scrum teams spread out across IT: Cyclone, Wildfire, and Typhoon.

  • Cyclone focuses on the back office for FileMaker, keeping things running smoothly.
  • Wildfire is .Net development, focused on web experience.
  • Typhoon mixes it up with both disciplines and pays its attention to new areas the company is focusing on.

There’s also our fantastic Digital team, who designed our one-of-a-kind Adviser Hub. A fantastic tool to help Advisers work smarter, supporting their advice and helping them provide the best possible customer service experience so they can become their own GI entrepreneur.

What I didn’t realise is that there’d be a quarter of the office dedicated to tech; that almost everything you see is developed or maintained in house

And naturally, we have our Tech Support team, who keep the office running smoothly, and are there to help those of us who might be a little technologically challenged.

There’s an array of possibilities for developers and those with a penchant for computer wizardry, with so much variety and unique technology being created in house. I still can’t believe that all of this is inside this office in the little town of Southport. Until I started working here, I had no idea, and I’m still learning all about it.

It’s inspired me to start my own journey into programming, taking courses online to find the right language and style for me, and is something I’m very enthusiastic about (see the rambling excitable paragraphs above). A path I find overwhelming in the very best sense of the word. I love to learn, to develop new skills, and this is most certainly a discipline in which you never stop learning.